Fishing in the UK, well... fishing anywhere actually!

Covering all types of fishing including Coarse, Carp, Pike, Game, Sea and Lure Fishing

With no particular emphasis, Best Fishing will attempt to cover as many different types of fishing as possible. Some from my own experiences and as time goes on from a wide variety of contributional sources. There will be new sections added to this website every week, so please return and visit us again. Coming soon: Fishing Forum and Fishing Tackle Classifieds.

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When I get time, I just love fishing. Although I will go through phases of one type of fishing or another, I'm pretty much happy if I'm catching something. Having begun at the tender age of eight, I now have over 40 years of angling experience behind me. Some time ago I set about writing it down, here in this website. I've even begun a fishing video. Sooner or later, I'll find the time to finish it! In the meantime, please enjoy Best Fishing...

The Author with a 10lb 2oz Bass - Dover
The Author with a 10lb 2oz Bass
From Dover
Her Indoors & 14lb 9oz Common - Carlisle
Her Indoors & 14lb 9oz Common
From Carlisle
Brace of Rainbows 4lb & 7lb
Brace of Rainbows 4lb & 7lb
From Dever Springs

There are a thousand and one things that I will be writing about here in this website. You can have your say as well... Tell me your Fishing Story and I WILL display it here in the Fishing Stories page. Also, you might like to visit my blog at Simon's Fishing Blog